I help entrepreneurs to stand out on the internet with my photographs. My expertise: Portrait and lifestyle photography, Landscapes and stories.

Alma Johanns

I was born and raised in Iceland.
After graduating from college and a year of traveling I went to the USA to study photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography from which I graduated in 1992, as an honor student holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commercial/Advertising Photography .
In 1993 I moved to Switzerland and have been working here since as a freelance photographer for different companies and agencies.


When I photograph a public event I get asked, without an exception, "where can I see the pictures?" Sometimes I give my card, sometimes I get cards. When I finally get to work on the images I don't know who is who anymore so normally...nobody gets my images.This has been bothering me for years and I hope I have the solution now. 

I am launching my Photo-Shop...yeah!

A shop were you can view and purchase my images for a reasonable price, starting at SFr. 5. You will find images of traditions and events...to begin with in Switzerland, slowly adding other countries. Soon you will also be able to buy my nature photos, printed from the best labs on canvas, alu-dubond or as download either for personal use or licensed for business. Other categories will be added later on.

If you have any suggestions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.


Your Photographer on the Road

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